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Support Perth Australia

Why do you only support by email?

Many duplicated questions are asked and providing telephonic support by knowledgeable people is expensive. Less than 1% of our users require telephonic support and it would be unfair to increase our prices to cover the cost of telephonic support and therefore penalise the majority of users that never phone in.

The email service is free and we will try to respond within 24 hours during business hours.

Please note that over public holidays, annual leave and some weekends it may take longer to get a response. We reserve the right to only respond to customers who are ligitimate EziWorx customers. If you are not a customer of EziWorx any response is a privilage and not a right.

Should you require telephone, remote Internet or professional support, please go to our contact us page and we will provide you with the details for professional paid support services.

Support Perth Australia