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EziWorx CRM

EziWorx CRM
EziWorx CRM (ref#:59)
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EziWorx gives you multiple stock locations, Google Maps, Direct One Credit Card Payments, Australia Post integration and much more

Always up to date, every time you log in and being 100% business use means it is 100% tax deductable!! Please check with your accountant.... for full details

Features like....

Common Directories Features:

  • Smart filters (fragmentary search\bulk by lists of IDs)
  • Filters saving
  • NC Filters
  • Adv search pan
  • Pagination
  • Calendar popup on date fields
  • Cross-pages references via actions menus
  • Meta Data Popups in search sections


  • Customers\Suppliers extended meta data
  • Email the Customer
  • Customer on Google Maps
  • Customers Credit Pool\Suppliers Debit Pool control
  • Multiple Notes\Phones\Call logs
  • Multiple Customer Shipping Addresses
  • Long Term Services (with expire control)
  • Sell Price Levels (with bulk\manual adjust)


  • Stock control (STS\PO\WO\RA) with multiple locations
  • Sales (QO\JO\INV\RP)
  • Quotes Templating
  • Quotes cloning
  • Search part in document by filtering\group pick\barcode scan
  • DigiSign feature
  • Hide\Show costs
  • Manual Rounding-of-Total Toggle
  • Stock Levels Control (ReOrder Report)
  • Outbalanced (Overdue) Invoices Control

Additional Sales Features:

  • Expenses\Payments control
  • Direct one Credit Card payments
  • Credit Pool Payments\Debit Pool Expenses
  • Jobs Service Fees


  • Tagging\Clipboard (tags can contain text\NC Filters for tagged elements)
  • Messaging (Groups\Customer related\Email confirmations\Clipboard via message)
  • Compose Email
  • XLS Templating\Drafting (PDFs\Emails)
  • User defined VARs for PDFs
  • Widgets Dashboard (w permissions)
  • Reports (w permissions)
  • Australia Post (Tracking by Number\Postage Assessment Calculation)


  • General Permissions Tree
  • Multiple Company Shipping Addresses
  • Multiple User-defined Payment Types\Terms
  • Activity Log (under construction)
  • System management
  • Userlist management

and this list of features is growing by the day....